• 29 January 2018


For the latest collection, SS18, by Laurent Decreton the inspiration is 80’s vintage. This means lots of texture on the men and woman to give the illusion of power and softness. While the idea behind 80’s looks contains a sense of professionalism, with classy collared blousers, silk scarves, and refined/ poised looks, here, we regain a sense of edginess with color in the hair and clothing. For hair color, the prime inspiration is shine and glitter. Hair that contains shimmer and silver, like delicious cream soda, illuminate this collection, just like walking into a candy shop. La dolce vita, Vogue Italia and luxurious fabrics from the designers give this collection a touch of hapiness. The collection is a mixture of original components and popping colors. Chic, yet vintage, is the spirit of this summer collection.


The new GLOW collection